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Marina City

Dan Protess

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This week we’re playing on our home turf: Chicago, Illinois. Marina City may be one of our “10 Homes that Changed America”, but it’s so much more than just housing.

The mixed-use complex includes apartment towers, shopping, a theater, an office building-turned-hotel, and a marina.  Architect Bertrand Goldberg designed this “city with a city” in 1959 to attract residents to Chicago’s downtown, which, like many American urban cores of the time, was suffering the effects of white flight. Goldberg’s curvaceous, concrete towers provided an eye-catching alternative to public housing and Soviet apartment blocks of the era.

Our host, Geoffrey Baer, interviewed Katerina Ruedi Ray, professor at Bowling Green State University and co-author with Igor Marjanovic of Marina City: Bertrand Goldberg's Urban Vision.